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ERP Software for the Public Sector 

We understand that the software solutions required for public sector departments or related organisations are highly unlikely to comprise of off-the-shelf systems. Requirements are likely to be multi-faceted and may indeed require one or more software providers coming together to offer a holistic, easy to use, feature-rich platform that enables the level of operational excellence required for today’s digital world.

Our flagship ERP software, Intact iQ, was built to embrace unique ways of working and seamless integration making this solution an ideal fit for the public sector. Embraced by numerous organisations with complex ways of working and very specific requirements, Intact iQ’s unique ‘codeless customisation’ feature enables our implementation consultants to create a personalised solution that matches how you want to operate. Our REST API also ensures integration with other software providers is seamless. With everything feeding back into Intact iQ, you benefit from a single version of the truth.

Software Highlights

Reporting mechanism for high-performance object queries. Intact Data Drill tool, Business Intelligence Dash Boards, Integrated analytics tool - iQ Analyst  . Built-in pivot tables . Scheduled report delivery service – Automate the schedule and what you want to happen 

Get complete visibility and control of your varied operations and activities

Rapid order processing functionality, real-time stock information, analytics and smart stock controls ensure you retain optimum control of your stock from the point of order to the point of dispatch.

Create bespoke validation rules and alerts with ease throughout the system and transform tedious, time- consuming tasks into efficient automated workflows. Create Command Triggers to cause any command to be executed when a condition is met . These are not 'point in time' reports, but the system is monitoring 24/7 and so depending on the criteria the system will bring the information to you. 

Tight integration with the leading edge Developer Express component suite results in a user experience that is constantly updated. Every part of the user interface can be altered by the end-user with access to a business object’s full graph . UI design tools automatically handle property data binding for the business object. Users will also have access to online learning portal to view training manuals, webinar, troubleshooting guides etc.

Our comprehensive security policies can be applied across your system. This allows you to protect sensitive information at company, role or user level. In addition, there is full historical traceability throughout the system.

Our solutions are end to end. Our software is fully developed, implemented and supported by our expert team of Intacters who are focused on configuring the software to ensure you operate at your best.


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The local nature of Intact is unique in that we not only develop the software in-house but all supporting services including our sales, project, ICT managed services and customer support divisions are based in our local headquarters. Our customers invest in an ERP solution that they expect to have in place for 10-15+ years, therefore, the end to end nature of the supporting services we provide throughout the customer’s journey with Intact are of crucial importance. 

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