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Technology that is designed for your business, drives your business. Elevate your flooring and timber business with Intact iQ.

ERP Software designed for the Flooring & Timber sector

Our ethos of the perfect fit ERP solution aspires for much more than a better version of your current system. It aspires to deliver the best version of your business. To future-proof it.

Our business management and ERP software is designed for your industry; robust enough to grow and flex to the future needs of your business.

It delivers on everything you need; from dealing with different units of measure through to clever ways to manage batch tracking, off-cuts and remnants.

How you run your business should not be dictated by software alone. Our team looks beyond current issues, beyond specific features. We look at how your business relations are supported through technology.

We look at where your business is going and where it has come from. We use this knowledge to build your perfect fit solution and implementation roadmap.

Flooring & Timber Software Highlights

A system that handles sq mtrs, sq yds, pack sizes and a powerful timber tally option for handling different lengths.

Where products are sold by cutting material from rolls, you can easily manage stock remaining on rolls.

Keep track of shades and batches as well as tracking meters remaining on rolls in the warehouse.

Powerful order point calculations and replenishment rules to ensure you have the correct stock at the right time in the right place.

Embrace the power of data within your system and make data driven decisions using Intact iQ's powerful inbuilt data analytics capabilities.

Intact iQ supports all levels of integration ensuring your ERP system is your single source for master file information and data analytics

Support your mobile and online ambitions through a range of inbuilt solutions or connect to best of breed third party applications via a RESTful API.

I’m very confident this investment will last us 15 years

Sean Haugh - Provincial Floorcoverings


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Grow with Intact

Every business has their own way of doing things and as you develop and grow, you’ll want to adapt to changing demands or new ways of working.

Intact iQ’s flexible core has been built to continuously support your competitive advantage or unique ways of working with ease, long-term.

You have the freedom to extend and expand in line with your strategic and commercial goals so that you can operate at your best.

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