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ERP Software designed for the Electrical & Lighting sector

Even without external environment factors getting in the way, electrical wholesalers and distributors have many challenges. Expected to carry a large and varied stock holding and source thousands more products in an instant is one of them.

With Intact iQ’s LuckinsLIVE, you don’t have to stock everything or set them up as products. You can search, manage, and access the Trimble LUCKINSlive PIM database, in real-time, from within your Intact iQ system and create a back-to-back against the supplier. Plus, you’ll be giving your point-of-sale staff access to the images, technical documentation, and product features right when they need them, in front of your customer.

So, if you’re looking to get a handle on complex rebate structures, retain margins, manage rising prices or integrate an ecommerce site, Intact iQ has been developed to meet the unique needs of your industry. But more importantly, it can be tailored to meet your specific nuances, like how you handle multiple units of price for purchasing and selling, applying a surcharge for split packs, if required, or how you manage returns, and so much more.

Take the thought process out of the head of your team. Provide them with the information they need when and where they need it and save hours by employing your system to handle everything.

Give us a call if you want to see what else we can do to help you get operating at your best.

Electrical & Lighting Software Highlights

Search, manage and access the Trimble Luckins' PIM database quickly and effectively from within your Intact iQ system.

Connect your trade counter, warehouse and back office for speed, accuracy and consistent service.

Connect with industry specific catalogues without cluttering your product database

Store or attach image, video or specifications in your product database

Centrally manage your customer and product information for both traditional and online businesses

Track remaining cable on reels and drums through batch control features

Sell products by meter, roll etc and maintain accurate stock throughout

Maximise margins through system intelligence and hierarchy of control

Everything we thought were idiosyncrasies related to our business, Intact iQ dealt with them seamlessly. The Luckins integration was a big feature for us and will make managing a growing product range much easier for us.

Chris Drake - Managing Director of T.N. Robinson

Intact have wholly embraced a wholesaler’s need to ensure the latest, most accurate data is available seamlessly with real-time access to the LUCKINSlive data repository. Access to images, technical documentation and product features are now available to point of sale staff with no additional administrative overhead. Intact’s approach will ensure their electrical wholesale customers are well placed to fulfil their customers’ requirements.

Kevin Gutteridge, Data Services Technical Director - TrimbleMEP Division

Intact’s enthusiastic support for the EDA’s digitalisation initiatives – ETIM and EDATA – will ensure that their ERP system fully supports, and is an integral part of, a wholesaler’s digitalisation strategy.

Richard Appleton, General Manager - EDA Data Services
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ERP Software in the Electrical Wholesale Industry

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Every merchant has their own way of doing things and as your business develops and grows, you’ll want to adapt to changing demands or new ways of working.

Intact iQ’s flexible core has been built to continuously support your competitive advantage or unique ways of working with ease, long-term.

You have the freedom to extend and expand in line with your strategic and commercial goals so that you can operate at your best.

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