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Today’s retail environment is more competitive than ever. Customers are becoming more knowledgeable and thus more demanding. Direct access to international suppliers is also becoming a more feasible option in our global economy.

This puts an onus on progressive central distribution operators to ensure they have a competitively priced, relevant product range with stock available on demand; all supported by expert customer service.

To facilitate this your business operations must be streamlined, data must be accurate and insightful and your entire business should be working from a single version of the truth. Intact iQ will become that central business hub unifying your business and providing the level of intelligence & integration you need to exceed your customers’ expectations.

Central Distribution
Software Highlights


Get real time stock visibility across your warehouse and branch network to ensure stock is available and replenished on-time

Branch demand is fed directly to your central purchasing department in Intact iQ. Facilitates automatic calculation of purchase orders and enforcement of your replenishment rules, such as setting max and min stock levels, prohibiting POs that bring effective stock over max level etc.

Connect your 'best of breed' EPOS system to your warehouse and back office for speed, accuracy and consistent service

KPI dashboards, data drilling, pivot table and graphical representation allow you to quickly analyse variables like margin per location, per shelf, per container etc. Receive alerts when deviations to your margin controls arise.

Move stock from one branch to the other easily and with full traceability. Individual branch stock requirements, inter-branch requests and goods ‘in-transit’ are fully supported, auditable and secure.

Retain complete visibility, from the point of order to the point of delivery. Manage your purchase orders, shipping lists, shipping costs and containers in Intact iQ

Improve stock accuracy, reducing overstocking and shrinkage by employing our integrated mobile warehouse solution across your warehouse and/or branch network

Relevant information gets delivered to your team at the right time, in the right format. You can also automate countless tasks, processes and business rules to maximise efficiencies and take the noise out of your business.

Intact iQ is an enterprise-wide ERP solution that can expand and scale with ease. The highlights above are complemented by numerous other features and functions to provide you with a business management software solution optimised to cater for every department in your organisation.
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It’s the little things like multi-edit; it just makes changing items so much quicker. Even the small features we didn’t think of at the time make such a positive difference to our operation.

Simon Kemp, IT Manager - Bakers & Larners Dept Store

I’ve never seen the warehouse as clean. The speed of picking has improved. People are doing different things now because they have the time. People can now work on the business. We see the information instantly and know exactly what we need to do.

Gavin Brett, Operations Manager - Choice Stores/Brett Supplies

Previously it used to take someone 3-4 days to complete a particular task here. With Intact iQ it takes 5-10 minutes. On that one task we are making huge cost savings and there are hundreds of examples like this.

Gavin Brett, Operations Manager - Choice Stores/Brett Supplies


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Every retailer has their own way of doing things and as your business develops and grows, you’ll want to adapt to changing demands or new ways of working. Intact iQ’s flexible core has been built to continuously support your competitive advantage or unique ways of working with ease, long-term.

You have the freedom to extend and expand your Intact iQ solution in line with your evolving strategic and commercial goals so that you can always operate at your best.

To find out more contact our team today to request a personalised demo.

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