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Elevate your agri co-op business with our perfect fit ERP software solution.

ERP Software for the Agri Co-Operative sector

Our ethos of the perfect fit ERP solution aspires for much more than a better version of your current system.  It aspires to deliver the best version of your business.  To future-proof it.

Our business management and ERP software is designed for your industry; robust enough to grow and flex to the future needs of your business.

It delivers on everything you need; from batch & serial tracking for animal feeds and medicines, a fully integrated trade counter system through to clever ways to managing rebates, stock and your stores.

Designed to streamline and automate your operations and improve the flow of real-time information across your business Intact iQ will enable you to optimally manage your head office, branch network and online store/s via one fully integrated system.

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Software Highlights


Trace every product or every part in a product back to stock along with full visibility of relevant supporting documentation i.e. orders, delivery dockets and invoices. Works to ensure products are dispatched effectively based on best before/use by dates.

Optimally manage multiple branches, warehouses, different units of measure, replenishment, forecasting, deliveries, slow and fast moving stock, promotions, seasonal lines, kits, assemblies and much more. Access to up to date and accurate in-stock, on-order, reserved, available and effective stock figures across your branch network.

Connect your trade counter, warehouse and back office for speed, accuracy and consistent service.

Move stock from one branch to the other easily and with full traceability. Individual branch stock requirements, inter-branch requests and goods ‘in-transit’ are fully supported, auditable and secure.

Automate and simplify previously labour intensive warehouse tasks saving you time and money, improving stock accuracy and reducing overstocking and shrinkage. It will also allow you to track items from goods in to goods out, automatically update stock records in real-time, minimise picking times and picking errors, assign barcodes to products and carry out rolling stock takes.

Relevant information gets delivered to your team at the right time, in the right format, whether that be as a KPI dashboard, report, email/SMS alert etc. Automate countless tasks, processes and business rules to maximise efficiencies and take the noise out of your business.

Intact iQ is an enterprise-wide ERP solution that can expand and scale with ease. The highlights above are complemented by numerous other features and functions to provide you with a business management software solution optimised to cater for every department in your organisation.

Our product structure was very closed and we couldn’t sort data easily. Managing stock was so labourious and paper driven. All of these things were like a noose around our neck that were getting tighter and tighter to the point where we had to move to something that was up to date, modern, that we could manipulate and would grow with us.

Lourde Bryan, Managing Director - Toss Bryan
Watch video testimonial
Watch video testimonial

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Every retailer has their own way of doing things and as your business develops and grows, you’ll want to adapt to changing demands or new ways of working. Intact iQ’s flexible core has been built to continuously support your competitive advantage or unique ways of working with ease, long-term.

You have the freedom to extend and expand your Intact iQ solution in line with your evolving strategic and commercial goals so that you can always operate at your best.

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