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Intact iQ – RESTful API Fair Usage Policy



1. Introduction

This Fair Usage Policy (FUP) applies to the REST (or RESTful) API provided by Intact and outlines the principles governing the use of the API service. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all users of Intact iQ's API service have a consistent, fair, and high-quality experience. This policy is integral to maintaining the performance and operation of our service and Intact’s clients’ right to use it.


2. Fair Use

Intact iQ’s API is designed to enhance user interaction and integration with our services, facilitating a range of business operations and application development scenarios. Users are encouraged to utilise these APIs in a manner that is consistent with this intended use.

Fair usage of the API is characterised by responsible and reasonable use as judged by typical business operations. The use of Intact iQ’s API to circumvent or replace user licences, or to simulate or replicate the functionality equivalent to that which ordinarily requires a user licence, is explicitly prohibited and considered outside the bounds of fair usage.


3. Unacceptable Use

Without limiting the foregoing, the following uses of Intact iQ’s API are explicitly prohibited:

  • Utilising the APIs in a manner that serves as a substitute for standard access licensing requirements.
  • Activities designed to replicate or substitute for the standard graphical user interface of Intact iQ, aimed at circumventing the normal licensing model.
  • Automating administrative tasks that are not consistent with normal business operations and exceed typical API calling volumes.


4. Monitoring and Enforcement

Intact reserves the right to monitor the use of its API to ensure compliance with this Fair Usage Policy. Should usage exceed typical business operations or API calls be made at a frequency that impacts service availability for other users, we may take measures including, but not limited to:

  • Throttling API request rates.
  • Temporarily suspending or permanently disabling access to API services.
  • Imposing additional charges for excessive use in accordance with the terms of the service agreement.


5. Amendments to Fair Usage Policy

Intact iQ reserves the right to modify this Fair Usage Policy at any time to reflect changes in laws, our API functionalities, or the business environment. We will provide notice of these changes through our usual channels for service communications, such as email notifications or updates on our website.


6. Contact and Violations

Questions about this policy and reports of violations can be directed to our support team at We encourage users to contact us in the event of any concerns regarding their API usage to ensure compliance with this Fair Usage Policy.

By accessing or using the Intact iQ API, you agree to comply with this Fair Usage Policy as part of the terms and conditions of your use of our services. This policy is designed to protect the integrity and usability of our systems, ensuring all users receive the quality of service they expect from Intact iQ.