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TileStyle Review of Intact

Video case study: TileStyle transforms with Intact iQ

Home Goods Store
Co.Dublin, Ireland

Explore how TileStyle, a prominent flooring supplier in Co. Dublin, Ireland, harnesses Intact iQ to gain real-time insights, enhance operational efficiencies, and implement a robust reporting framework.

TileStyle leverages Intact iQ's comprehensive features to streamline their business operations, enabling them to respond swiftly to market demands and customer needs. With superior reporting capabilities, TileStyle can make informed decisions that drive business growth and optimise resource allocation.

Discover how Intact iQ supports TileStyle in introducing new products and departments seamlessly, fostering business expansion and enhancing customer satisfaction. Hear firsthand how TileStyle has integrated Intact iQ into their daily operations to achieve operational excellence and maintain their leadership in the competitive home goods retail sector.

Learn more about TileStyle's success story with Intact iQ by clicking the PLAY button above.