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Flanagan Fittings

Video case study: Flanagan Fittings maximises efficiency with Intact iQ

Fixtures & Fittings
Dublin, Ireland


Flanagan Fittings, located in Dublin, Ireland, boasts over 40 years of expertise in the fixtures and fittings sector. As a prominent supplier of furniture fittings, they cater to a diverse clientele, ranging from large corporations to individual customers. Their extensive inventory spans more than 5,000 products, encompassing everything from soft closing drawer systems to kitchen accessories and various fixtures & fittings.

Intact iQ has been instrumental in empowering Flanagan Fittings to optimise their business operations effectively. By implementing Intact iQ, Flanagan Fittings has streamlined their inventory management processes, enhanced order fulfilment efficiency, and gained comprehensive insights into their sales performance. This transformation has enabled them to meet customer demands promptly and efficiently, ensuring customer satisfaction remains paramount.

The flexibility and scalability of Intact iQ have allowed Flanagan Fittings to adapt swiftly to market changes and expand their product offerings seamlessly. Moreover, the intuitive interface and robust reporting capabilities of Intact iQ have empowered Flanagan Fittings to make informed decisions swiftly, driving operational excellence and fostering continued growth.

Discover how Flanagan Fittings leverages Intact iQ to enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and maintain their leadership in the furniture fittings industry. Explore their journey towards operational excellence and how Intact iQ continues to play a pivotal role in their success