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Catherine Cane13-Dec-2023 17:10:002 min read

New legislative changes affecting Ireland

On the 1st of September the Irish government introduced a reporting requirement for the Sale, Purchase or Transfer of Fertiliser products to the new National Fertiliser Database. The scheme is run by the Department of Food, Agriculture and the Marine (DAFM) and the details can be viewed on the website. 

In a nutshell, if you buy or sell fertiliser products in the Irish State then you'll need to register with the DAFM and then report on that activity. There are 3 main types of reporting that will need to take place:

  1. Buying and selling within the Irish State - By the 15th of December (and by the 15th of each month thereafter) a report will have to be submitted digitally to the DAFM of the sales and purchase transactions from September, October and November. Customer, supplier and product data will have to be uploaded in advance of the reports. 
  2. Importing into the State - If you or your company imports fertiliser from outside the Irish State then you'll need to report this directly to the DAFM within 72 hours.
  3. Professional End Users - If you're a professional end user then you'll need to report this directly to the DAFM by the 15th of December and by the 15th of each month thereafter.

If you fall under the first type above AND you are using Intact Xline then please click HERE and create a ticket on our helpdesk so we can deal with your query. If you are using Intact Vline then please contact our sales team by clicking HERE to arrange an Xline quote and demo. 

More details can be found on

Defective Concrete Products Levy (DCPL)

On the 1st of September the Irish government introduced a new levy on the sale of concrete products called the Defective Concrete Products Levy. This is a Revenue run scheme and the details can be viewed on the website. 

In a nutshell, a 5% levy must be applied to the nett value (pre VAT) of concrete goods the first time they're supplied into the Irish State. It should not be recharged when resold. This levy must then be reported and paid to Revenue on a 6 monthly basis.

If you supply concrete goods into the State, Intact will need to make some system changes in order for you to capture the levy and report it to Revenue. If this is the case please click HERE and create a ticket on our helpdesk so that we can deal with your query.

More info can be found on

Enhanced Reporting Requirements

From 1st January 2024, Irish employers must report certain payments made to employees and directors to Revenue. Examples include small benefit exemptions, remote working daily allowances and travel and subsistence. It's likely that the majority of these requirements will be reported through payroll systems, but ROS will also be providing a means of manually submitting these details. You can read more details about this here. 

We also recommend our customers check with their payroll provider for more information about how this legislation affects them and the best way to make relevant payments.

More info can be found on

(Please note that this page should not be used as your primary source of information and you should refer to the sites mentioned above for the details of each regulation.)



Catherine Cane

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