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Catherine Cane14-Jun-2024 13:38:342 min read

Access App Update

We're very excited to announce the release of our latest Access App update version, packed with exciting improvements designed to enhance your user experience! 

Our team have been working hard to deliver a seamless and efficient application that meets your evolving needs.

Please note that you can turn off automatic updates in the app's settings if you don't wish to be upgraded.

If you'd like to learn more about the Intact Access app, watch this webinar with Gary Brookshaw, our Product Director. 

We've focused on addressing several key areas to ensure a smoother and more responsive experience. Here are some of the highlights: 


1. Android Performance Improvements:  

  • Multi-click prevention across the app to avoid duplicate actions. 
  • Animated clicks for clearer user feedback. 
  • Optimised page rendering based on device type and screen content for improved memory usage and processing time. 
  • Split view and edit pages for data capture screens, reducing control button clutter. 
  • Background thread processing for data capture transactions, allowing concurrent app usage during uploads. 


2. Access Multi-Tap Issues:  

  • Eliminated duplicate page loads when entering list views on data capture screens, ensuring a seamless experience. 


3. Access Print Documents from Service Calls:  

  • Resolved issues with blank or incorrectly loaded PDF documents within Service Calls on iOS and Android. 
  • The Print PDF button now appears only when a printable document is available. 


4. Print PDF Function Availability:  

  • Implemented informative messages to notify users when the Print PDF function is unavailable or encounters issues. 


5. Auto-Select Products:  

  • When entering products in orders or quotes, if a single result is found, it will be automatically selected, streamlining the process. 


6. Larger Font Support:  

  • Resolved issues with cut-off menu items when using larger font sizes on device settings. 
  • If a large text size is set on the device settings, it previously caused incorrect display within the hamburger menu. 
  • Development has been completed to correct the view based on larger font sizes, ensuring optimal display across various text size preferences.  


 A screenshot of a phone

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7. Multi-Tap Colour Change Fix:  

  • Resolved an issue where multiple taps caused the app to change colour to orange until the application was closed and reopened. 

A screenshot of a computer

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8. Improved Chart Labelling in Portrait View:  

  • When viewing charts in portrait view, long Y-axis descriptions would previously push the chart to the right side of the screen. 
  • Text truncation has been implemented for long descriptions, preventing this issue and ensuring proper chart alignment. 

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Catherine Cane

I joined Intact’s marketing team in October 2023. My academic journey began at the University of Liverpool, where I studied English language and literature. Feeling that one degree wasn’t enough, I stayed and earned a Master's degree in creative and critical writing. During my studies, I wrote for various platforms, including a student newspaper and a famous Liverpool attraction. I knew I wanted to pursue a career where I could write daily, leading me to explore the world of content marketing. At Intact, I compile and write content for our website, upsell campaigns, customer newsletter, and manage our social media channels. The best part of my job is the opportunity to interview colleagues, seeking their insights and knowledge for valuable content, and that each completed task is followed by ten uncompleted ones. Outside of work, I’ll be at the gym, out for a run (jog), or exploring markets in London with friends.