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30-Sep-2019 18:03:001 min read


It has come to our attention that there are some bad guys out there attempting to impersonate us.

They have registered lookalike domain names like ‘’, (note the s) and have then been sending emails to try and extort money.

In these emails the subject relates to either a payment or a request to change the bank details you have on file for Intact.

In addition, they are not only impersonating us, but also impersonating people in YOUR business, e.g. your MD instructing the accounts team to “Change these details for Intact” or “Pay this Intact invoice to this account”

We’ve had all our systems audited and can happily confirm that there has been no breach of our security nor have there been any data leaks.

For the most, they have secured access to these very similar looking domains and are simply blindly emailing any business in the hope they find an Intact user. They say imitation is flattery; however we have the cyber crime unit and fraud police investigating the false domains.

What does this mean for you?

We are asking everyone to be extremely vigilant and note that we would NEVER email you notifying you of bank detail changes.

If you receive any email, either from a member of the Intact team or a member of your own business, asking you to make a payment to Intact please check the domain name of the email. If it contains an s in the email ‘’ please ignore this mail and inform the Intact team at