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Strahan Timber & Builders Providers Ltd

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For over 200 years the Strahan family have been supplying high quality timber to the Irish market. Strahan Distributors operate out of 2 large premises in Dublin and predominantly supply schools and colleges nationwide with all their timber needs.

Before using Intact

Strahan had no POS module as part of their current system and so were relying on handwritten dockets to produce orders. The system also lacked an ability to sufficiently take account of the different lengths, widths and thicknesses of the various hardwoods they stock. Their accountants were unable to get the reports they needed from the old system which means they couldn’t get the information they needed to run the business efficiently.

Pain Points
  • Strahan Timber completely outgrew their TAS system.
  • TAS system didn’t adequately cover stock control or manage hardwood & there was no POS module.
  • TAS system wasn’t providing him or his accountants with the information they required to run the business efficiently.


Dealing efficiently in hardwood is a key element for us. Before Intact, I wouldn’t have been able to tell if we had 12ft of mahogany in stock, all I could tell you is that we had mahogany. Now I can tell you what lengths we have it in and what widths etc across both premises.

Michael Dowling, Strahan Timber

After using Intact

The Sales Order Process at Strahan Timber has been revolutionised. They have moved from handwritten dockets to a fully integrated POS system linked to their stock management system which means they have reliable and accurate information of what is available and can process an order in less than a minute whereas before it was taking anything up to 2 hours. Their search facility is greatly improved and their accountants have all the reports and information they need.

Key Benefits
  • Managing different lengths & widths of hardwood
  • Quicker POS with excellent search facilities
  • Tighter stock control across the business


The product search on the POS is 10 times faster than what we had. Everything about the POS is making it easier to get orders out quicker.

Michael Dowling, Strahan Timber


Intact iQ has significantly improved Strahan Timber’s order processing & stock management especially in managing hardwood. iQ also offers them a wider range of reports & room to expand with add-on’s such as mobile hand-helds.

The Intact Difference

Post implementation, customers record an average saving of 5.6 days per month

Our customers are our greatest advocates with approx. 70% of our business coming from referrals

97% of customers agree Intact iQ is supporting their original ambition to have a platform for growth.

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This essential step-by-step guide will help you make your software implementation journey as seamless and effective as possible.

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