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New Year – It’s time to appraise your ERP system

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For many businesses, going live on their new ERP system is perceived as the projects grand achievement and they assume that the process is complete. This can wrongly lead to adopting a “set and forget” mentality, which is not best practice. It’s important to remember that going live is not really the end of your project; it’s only the beginning.


Having invested so much time and money in researching, selecting and implementing your ERP system, it’s in your business’ interest to make the most of this powerful software solution by finding different ways you and your team can mould the digital fabric of to your business. This will enable you to continually drive efficiencies and add value to your business long after the Go Live date.

Think of it like this…..

Your ERP system is the heart of your business. It has all of your business information flowing through its veins, and just like a heart, it needs to be maintained and checked regularly to remain in a healthy state. It’s the engine that drives your business and all engines require maintenance, cleaning and servicing regularly.

Fear not…..

Performing appraisals of your ERP system doesn’t have to resemble open heart surgery. There are some regular checks that you can do to see if your system is still performing at its best for you and your business.  In this blog we have set out 5 easy steps you can follow to appraise your ERP system.

 1. Look at what has changed in your business in the previous 12 months

Identify any new growing pains that have emerged in the last year. Review the number of new customers added, accounts and business lost or removed and also look at any new technological changes that have emerged in your industry over the year. Has your strategic direction changed? Are there any regulatory or industry changes you need to adapt to? Are there any new business processes that you have or wish to adopt in the business?

Are your employees utilising your ERP system to accomodate these changes or are they working outside the system? If the answer to this is yes then its time to configure your system to accommodate these changes or invest in an additional module to ensure a culture of system workarounds does not become embedded in your organisation.

2. ERP Training – Keep your staff well trained

There are a wide range of features & capabilities contained within your ERP system that employees might not have gotten to grasps with during the Go Live phase. This is 100% normal as the focus at Go Live is ensuring everyday trading is functioning optimally. It is often 6-8 months later when employees are ready to start exploring the additional features and functions your system can provide to make their job easier and ultimately add value to your business.

The more educated your employees become the better oiled, automated and efficient your business will become.

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As a customer of Intact Software, you have access to regular training courses at our Dundalk and Hemel Hempstead offices designed to provide your employees with the skills and knowledge they need to master their use of Intact iQ. Click here to find out more about the range of courses available. Bespoke training is also available to suit individual customers’ preferences.

3. Is your hardware slowing you down?

Technology is always improving. Over time it’s inevitable that your current equipment will need replacing. Is any of your hardware on its last legs? Does processing documentation still happen as fast as it used to or are you experiencing lag? Do you experience regular system crashes and need to reboot the system?

These kind of issues are the warning signs that something needs to be checked or upgraded. Your business depends on this system and its hardware every hour of every day. So keep it in top condition.

If you are experiencing any hardware issues, get in touch with your vendor.  They will advise you on the most appropriate hardware solution(s) required to ensure your system  run as smooth and efficiently as possible.

4. Identify ERP system improvements

When it comes to making your ERP system work better for your business you have all the suggestions you need in the form of your employees. As the end users, they are using the system every day and know what works and what areas that need improving.

Often if you ask customers and vendors (who have connections with your system) for feedback, they can offer unique insights or suggested improvements on how you can improve the process or configure the system to deliver enhanced productivity.

You can then use this feedback as the basis for discussion with your ERP software provider and put a realistic and costed plan in place to make the necessary ERP system improvements.

5. Install ERP system upgrades

Modern, flexible ERP solutions never stops evolving. For instance, the agile process the development team at Intact Software use means that they are regularly improving the software with new releases issued every quarter. Our software releases always contain new features and modules and as we focus on a core range of industries it is very likely that these additions will add value to your business.

Like children who outgrow their shoes, month on month, year on year, your business requirements will always be growing and changing and may need the added boost of the latest cutting-edge technology.

Upgrading your ERP system to the latest version will help keep your software sharp and agile enough to adapt to your business growth.



Thinking of upgrading your business management software?

This essential step-by-step guide will help you make your software implementation journey as seamless and effective as possible.


Thinking of upgrading your business management software?

This essential step-by-step guide will help you make your software implementation journey as seamless and effective as possible.

This essential step-by-step guide will help you make your software implementation journey as seamless and effective as possible.

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