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    UniBoard is an independent Irish stockist and distributor of paperboard products. Stocking up to 10,000 pallets in Ireland, the company offer an unrivalled range of boards for a wide variety of applications from their three warehouses in Dublin, Drogheda and Belfast.
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    Key Points

    UniBoard is an independent Irish stockist and distributor of paperboard products with warehouses in 3 different locations.

    Historically they had been using separate systems to manage the different functions across the business resulting in extra workload and a lack of efficiency for the team.

    Now that they are using Intact iQ, UniBoard have one system that handles every function they require from preparing management accounts, to customer analysis to warehousing and stock control all tailored to their precise requirements.


    UniBoard were operating 2 discrete systems for accountancy and stock management which meant extracting the relevant information and data was a slow and cumbersome process.  They were frustrated by their inability to answer customer queries as they happened and the lack of batch traceability was problematic.  UniBoard also found that getting the support for their current systems was difficult.

    The Solution

    Finding a single system from which to run their business was the key for UniBoard.  Intact iQ allows them quick and easy real-time stock information which allows for much better stock control (including full batch traceability) and in turn, much better operational functionality for the business.  Reducing the manpower required to obtain the information they need has allowed for increased productivity and given them room to grow the business.

    “Getting the support we need is critical to us.  Our 2 reference site visits were excellent and they took the nervousness out of the decision to go with Intact iQ’

    Sharon Fitzpatrick, UniBoard