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    Strahan Timber & Builders Providers Ltd

    For over 200 years the Strahan family have been supplying high quality timber to the Irish market. Strahan Distributors operate out of 2 large premises in Dublin and predominantly supply schools and colleges nationwide with all their timber needs.
    Strahan Timber ERP system

    Key Points

    Strahan Timber and Builders Merchants had outgrown their current system which lacked the ability to take account of the vast variety of lengths, widths and thicknesses of hardwood they kept in stock.  They operate out of 2 large premises in Dublin and their business processes were suffering under the inadequacies of their old system.

    Now they have a fully integrated POS and stock management system which greatly enhances their business processes.  Staff can now quickly and easily search for products and process orders which means they can get their trucks on the road faster.


    Strahan had no POS module as part of their current system and so were relying on handwritten dockets to produce orders.  The system also lacked an ability to sufficiently take account of the different lengths, widths and thicknesses of the various hardwoods they stock.  Their accountants were unable to get the reports they needed from the old system which means they couldn’t get the information they needed to run the business efficiently.

    The Solution

    The Sales Order Process at Strahan Timber has been revolutionised.  They have moved from handwritten dockets to a fully integrated POS system linked to their stock management system which means they have reliable and accurate information of what is available and can process an order in less than a minute whereas before it was taking anything up to 2 hours.  Their search facility is greatly improved and their accountants have all the reports and information they need.

    “The product search on the POS is 10 times faster than what we had.  Everything about the POS is making it easier to get orders out quicker’

    Michael Dowling, Strahan Timber