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    Crowley Engineering

    Crowley Engineering are Ireland's main supplier of storage silos and bins, second-hand mechanical equipment augers and bio energy equipment. Their 3,000sqm production facility in Cork was established in 1972 and employs 80 staff.
    crowley engineering warehouse

    Key Points

    Crowley Engineering, a mechanical engineering contractor had outgrown their 12 year old system that no longer served their needs

    Intact iQ does everything their previous system did with much greater efficiency and speed, and much more to boot.  Intact iQ gives them access to real-time information which enables much better decision-making, better stock control, more accurate costings and margins and much tighter workflows.  This has afforded the business significant time savings, accounting efficiencies and the ability to continually enhance processes across the entire business.


    Struggling under the weight of an outdated system, Crowley Engineering undertook a significant research project to source a replacement.  The old system was unable to cope with the increased volume of data and didn’t allow them to access the information they needed, make changes or exert the level of control they desired.  Lack of speed was another critical issue – particularly in the running of costing reports.

    The Solution

    Intact iQ gives Crowley Engineering on-screen access to real-time information for better decision-making.  Exporting to Excel is powerful allowing for speedy costing reports.  The software also allows the business to manage workflows through rules and alerts as well as analyse, adapt and improve processes throughout the business.

    “I don’t intend to stand still.  Intact iQ enables me to continue making changes & I have a number of projects in mind’

    Séamas  O’Dugain, Financial Controller, Crowley Engineering