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Scattergood and Johnson | Intact

Scattergood and Johnson Ltd

Wholesale & Distribution
Leeds, UK
Established in 1899 Scattergood & Johnson, Leeds, are renowned in the electrical engineering distribution industry for their high levels of service, support & customer satisfaction. They have 6 branches across the UK serviced by over 150 employees.

Before Using Intact

Several previous attempts to replace Scattergood & Johnson’s bespoke system gave rise to a cautious approach during the software selection stage. Their sales order process had been generated over many years by their in-house developers to meet the demands of their large customer base. Reproducing this process was vital. In doing so, it was also important that new business software technologies such as workflow, alerts & customisation were introduced to the company.

The flexibility of Intact iQ and its ability to be further tailored in the future were key factors in deciding to go with software providers, Intact Software.

Pain points

  • To implement a leading-edge integrated solution to facilitate the company’s continued growth and replace 4 separate business process tools, including their in-house developed and maintained SOP system. With customer care core to their operation, a proven and reliable platform was paramount in the decision process.

After Intact iQ

Built on Intact iQ, Scattergood & Johnson implemented a brand new bespoke SOP system fully integrated with their General Ledger and Purchasing Processes. Managed from their head office in Leeds, live information is always available throughout their branches, while user access can be controlled right down to field level.

Working closely with Intact Professional Services and Development teams has allowed for a seamless transition to the new system. Integration with Intact iQ’s web services is next on the roadmap for Scattergood & Johnson.

“Replacing our in-house developed system was always going to prove a challenge but with Intact iQ we have overcome that challenge and been able to improve on the high level of service our customers have come to expect from us” - Iain Manson, Financial Controller

Using Intact iQ, Scattergood & Johnson could replicate their complex bespoke SOP system and greatly benefit from full General Ledger, Stock and Purchasing integration. Incorporating the latest technology into their business processes has given them the ability to maintain their own competitive advantage.

Key benefits

  • Flexibility to replicate integral business processes
  • Full integration across multiple branches
  • Fully integrated point of sale
“Intact iQ has provided us with the tools to control and
distribute information throughout our organisation.”
Gareth Parkinson, Systems AdministratorScattergood & Johnson