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    Working Together to Master, Learn, Plan

    Master your use of Intact iQ, Learn about new developments, Plan for the future

    One of Intact Software’s core company values is ‘delight our customers’. Across the organisation we encourage each and every member of staff to live out that value and we believe they do.

    However, recent customer research highlighted that post-implementation there is the lack of a dedicated resource focused on ensuring our customers maximise the effectiveness of their Intact Software investment. We wish to address this issue now!

    In response to your feedback, we have appointed Stephen Keating as our Key Account Manager.

    Stephen’s main objective is to work with our customers in partnership to ensure they can proactively manage how they use their Intact Software system and ultimately get the most out of it. We want to ensure our customers are utilising their system as effectively as possible enabling them to refine and improve their business processes.stephen keating

    We also want to ensure you are kept fully up-to-date on the incredible changes happening in Intact iQ every day. Intact iQ is a fast moving product and whether a change is a simple tweak in the system or the introduction of a completely new module, we want to ensure you’re kept informed of such developments and know how to push your system to maximum effect.

    The scope of the partnership Stephen wishes to develop with our customers will also extend beyond current applications of the Intact iQ system. To ensure we truly add value to the long term objectives of your business an additional aim is to understand how our customers’ businesses wish to grow, evolve and become more efficient in the years ahead. With this understanding we can then forge a path to ascertain how Intact Software can assist in these aims.

    Initially Stephen will be engaging with our growing Intact iQ customer base.  Customers who purchased from our great partners should contact them directly for information on getting the best out of their systems.

    To contact Stephen please email Stephen.keating@intactsoftware.com

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