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Using Xline with mobile

Mobility is the future of flexible and adaptable business management. Invest in Access for the Xline platform, and access up-to-date business information anywhere, anytime with our robust mobility solution.

Xline is designed to take your business management experience to the next level, so adding Access as an optional module was a natural fit for the platform. Utilising the power of mobile, our future-ready mobility app allows you to view data in your Xline system from anywhere via your iOS or Android device – perfect for remote teams and individuals working in the field.

Simply signup for your Access subscription and download the app to your smartphone.  We’ll set up the app so you can access key business information and controls whenever and wherever it suits you.

Smart mobility, full control

Designed to integrate with your Xline business software, Access gives you the ability to view key customer and product data held in your Xline system on your mobile phone, enabling faster and simpler remote working. The app transforms mobile devices into tools to query customer and product records on the road helping to reduce phone calls to the office to get simple information. It also allows your remote team to record data such as signature capture, CRM notes etc. with this data fed directly back to your office-based Xline system in real-time. If the smartphone is offline the data will be synced as soon as coverage returns.


Personalised information for your employees

Access supports multi-function remote business management, so employees throughout the business can benefit from its reliable mobility enhancement. And with a range of features and dashboards, your team can put the application to use for a range of day-to-day tasks. Xline users can currently avail of 4 of the Access employee apps; Sales Rep, Delivery Driver, Warehouse Manager and Expenses app. Read more below.

Future-aligned business management, any device

Xline and Access make an efficient pairing. No longer are you and your team tied to the office, warehouse, or distribution centre – now you can stay in control and on the go.

Here are the benefits you can expect when using Access with the Xline system:

24/7 near real-time information
Access integrates with Xline in near real-time, so key information appears as it would in your office/store location. This not only boosts productivity for field workers but also for the office-based team who would previously have to serve the field teams’ queries.
Personalised mobile apps
Access provides standalone mobile apps for Sales, Warehousing and Deliveries, so employees throughout your company stand to benefit from this solution. Individuals can also ensure the data, that appears is relevant to their role for improved performance and efficiency.
Full mobile capabilities
When developing Access, we wanted to make sure it delivered a comprehensive, value-add experience across all devices. Through the various apps, you can make full use of the capabilities of your smartphone or device, with in-built features such as voice to text and camera data capture, satellite navigation and phone and email functionality.
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Impressive mobility across your business

Business is changing and Access and Xline are here to help. Offering enhanced mobility to personnel across your operations, the Access integration can be used in the following areas:

From account managers to sales reps, customer-facing personnel can benefit from near real-time access to product stock and customer data and charts on their mobile device. Your team can also manage their timesheets and expenses via the app.
Delivery personnel are essential to day-to-day operations, and they too can enjoy the enhanced functionality of Access and Xline. Your delivery drivers can view their daily delivery routines from their mobile device with daily delivery lists sent to the driver’s device with subsequent POD information recorded on-site and appearing, once processed, in your Xline system for your office-based team. With Access facilitating remote PODs, delivery image capture, satellite navigation and more, the Delivery Team App is a do-all tool for companies who operate an in-house delivery service.
With near real-time updates, managerial personnel can get the insights they need at their fingertips with Access as well as being able to easily submit expenses via their mobile device.
Warehousing staff rely on efficient systems and data to ensure timely and accurate order fulfilment. Xline delivers intuitive interfaces to effectively manage stock, while Access provides multi-site, multi-warehouse inventory information to be made available for all relevant personnel via their smartphones.
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Switch to future-fit business management today

Xline is here and ready to drive your business forward, offering a future-aligned successor to your existing Vline solution. And with a whole host of powerful integrations and bespoke capabilities, including use of Access and Cliqx, the platform provides wide-ranging functionality that will evolve and grow in line with your business requirements.

Ready to take the next step with your business management solution? Talk to the Xline team today to discuss your requirements and arrange a free demo of the Xline, Access and Cliqx platforms.