As we begin the process of ending support for Intact Vline by December 2022, it’s time to upgrade to its future-fit successor, Xline.

Over the next 12 months or so, we’re ending support for Vline. After 23 years, the software has become outdated, which is why we’re encouraging all Vline customers to move to our new platform, Xline.

Familiar yet built for the future, Xline is the natural successor to our popular Vline platform. Bringing you modern functionality and features, it promises an enhanced experience for you and your team, both now and in the future.

Your system, future aligned

In developing the Xline platform, we responded to your preferences and requirements. All the things you love about Vline are still here but with a range of new, advanced features that will help take your business management capabilities to the next level.

Improved efficiencies, advanced functionality, and ease of use – that’s what Xline brings to your organisation. We’ve redeveloped our business management platform from the ground up, with future-fit technologies that support your business whatever its long-term ambitions for growth.

features and functionality

Standard features

Out of the box, Xline is a cut above its predecessor: A reimagined UI which won’t alienate Vline users; automated email without the need for Outlook; scheduled reporting; and multiple stock images as standard.

Optional Features

Optional extras

Your business has unique needs and requirements. That’s why Xline is customisable, with optional applications that enhance your experience and ensure that the system delivers for the needs of your business, now and in the future.

Features Roadmap

Feature releases

Xline is a living, breathing, growing piece of software. Our developers oversee a complete roadmap of future enhancements, with new tools and upgrades to safeguard your system’s long-term performance and usability.

Ready to transform how you manage your business? Xline is here and waiting to take your business forward. Talk to us today to start your Vline to Xline migration and feel the benefit of business management software built with the future in mind.