Vline has proven a robust partner for businesses for over two decades, so firms like Murdock Builders Merchants needed a compelling reason to move away from it. That reason was Xline, and the powerful new digital technologies and integrations it brings to the table.

When it comes to switching business management software, complacency and inertia can hinder progress – particularly when a firm is already using a reliable, albeit outdated, solution.

But embracing the future means changing up how your business operates, utilising new solutions to drive growth and increase profitability. Such was the case for Murdock Builders Merchant, an Irish builders provider that recognised the value and benefits of switching to our new Xline system.

Here, Michael Rooney and Daniel O’Neill of Murdock Builders Merchants discuss their experience of migrating from Vline to Xline, and how the new platform continues to support the business’ ambitions for growth.

Murdock Builders Merchants

A feature-rich platform bringing unforeseen benefits

Initially, the desire to embrace new digital channels spurred the team at Murdock Builder’s Merchant to transition from Vline to Xline. Any additional benefits had not been anticipated.

Indeed, as with any change, there was more so a fear that there would be acceptance issues across their users or that other problems may arise. The opposite turned out to be the case, and the team were surprised at the range of additional benefits that materialised after their move to Intact Xline and how seamless a transition it was.

On this, Michael notes: “There are so many little golden nuggets that we are discovering since implementing Xline. It’s simple things like when you click on the menu it will show your most frequently used options first, which is a great time saver for the team.

“It’s all these little features that were not available in Vline that are actually making the team here more productive and efficient. As we have only recently gone live, there are also lots of additional features like the business intelligence dashboards, report scheduler, stock requisitions etc. that we look forward to benefitting from going forward.”

“What’s more, the modern icon-based ribbon makes the Xline system easier to use, especially from a reporting point of view. We are using Excel less and less and have found the data to be more robust and accurate.”


Seamless migration, instant usability

Migrating to a new business management solution might sound like a headache, but that’s not the case when moving from Vline to Xline. Our specialists have devised a seamless migration process, which enables you to focus on your business while we take care of the rest.

Commenting on the migration and onboarding process, Daniel said: “From our oldest to our youngest staff members, Xline has been warmly welcomed and the roll-out was seamless, requiring zero training.

“We hadn’t realised how dramatically Intact Xline differed in terms of how user-friendly it is and how easy it is to navigate. The design of Intact Xline and the features it offers are so modern and easy to use, meaning our staff were up and running on the new system without any issues.

“I would describe the transition akin to someone moving from using Microsoft Office 2003 to Microsoft Office 2016. It’s that different. The icon-led, intuitive nature of the ribbon menu, instant access menus and related controls has made our team more efficient as they have quicker, easier access to the information and controls they need.”

Embrace the future with Xline

Your business needs the right tools to carry it into the future, and Xline is such a solution. Combining long-term functionality with intuitive controls, it will bring a wealth of benefits to your day-to-day operations.

To discover Xline’s features and integrations in full, and to read more about what’s happening to Vline, you’ll find lots of help and insights within our Xline support guide. If you’re ready to make the switch to Xline, contact our team to discuss your requirements and book a free software demo today.