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20th September 2021

The Power of Big Data: Using Data to Aid Business Decision Making

How to use the data in your business to aid strategic decision making Big data may sound like a daunting and frankly irrelevant concept. It’s often seen as the preserve of ...
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8th June 2021

What is ERP software and do I really need it?

If you’re on the look-out for a business management software solution to run your business, then you’ll no doubt come across the term ‘ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software’.  What is ERP ...
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8th June 2021

The Definitive Guide to Merchant Software

Whether you are a builders’ merchant, timber, plumber or other, you are expected to carry a stock holding of an extraordinary range of products as standard. In addition, you must ...
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19th June 2020

How To Guide – Grow your business and deliver operational excellence with automation and AI

Is business process automation a friend or an enemy? We dive deeper into this question and discover that the future is a lot friendlier than it’s being given credit for. ...
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19th June 2020

ebook: Preparing for the Journey Ahead – ERP Implementation Guide

Honest, practical advice on making your ERP journey as seamless & effective as possible. Simply fill in the form below to download your FREE 30-page 'Preparatory Guide to implementing ERP software'. ...

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