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  • Analytics Design Training

    Who should attend?

    This course is aimed at management level Intact iQ users who want to interpret and analyse the vast amount of data stored within their Intact iQ. It allows the user to drill down from summary information to the underlying detail.

    You will learn:

    • Building an analytics model
    • Model access rights
    • Using the model and interrogating data
    • Conditional formatting
    • Exporting models
    • Saving models


    Unlike standard Intact iQ reports, an analytics model is real time reporting and can be interrogated. It also allows the user to have different views of the same data. This course will equip users with the knowledge to create detailed analytical data drills. The course does not just focus on the building of the model but how to highlight and display key information with the use of conditional formatting. This will enable you to identify key statistics such as Top 10 products, variances and comparative figures.


    Course Costs/Volume Discounts

    Course cost is €450/£400 per attendee inclusive of lunch & take-home course guide.

    Save 25% if you register for a 3rd course or a 3rd attendee is registered in a 12 month period. The cost per course rate drops to €337/£300 for this 3rd booking.
    Save 30% if you register for a 4th course or a 4th attendee is registered in a 12 month period. The cost per course rate drops to €315/£280 for this 4th booking and all subsequent bookings in that 12 month period.

    Intact Training Academy – Course Registration

    Course Registration

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    Terms & Conditions

    Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

    We reserve the right to reschedule courses if minimum numbers are not met. Invoices will be issued in advance of the training course. Please note course cost refunds can only be provided where a minimum of 72 hours cancellation notice is provided.

    Volume discounts only apply for courses taken within a calendar year.

    To avail of volume discounts courses must be paid for in advance.



    The course was a real eye-opener. It really helped me uncover the power of the system. I am excited to get back to the office and start applying what I learnt today. The delivery of the course was clear and professional. Excellent!

    The facilities are excellent as are the staff. The course notes, range of topics and structure of the course was excellent. It was a pleasure to attend. The course will definitely help me exploit the features and facilities that the Intact iQ system offers.

    We have been using Intact iQ for a while now but I found the course really beneficial as I learnt a lot more about how to exploit some of the features we haven’t use yet.

    The course was very well delivered. I’d highly recommend it.The tutor was extremely knowledgeable and helpful and ensured everyone understood a feature before moving forward.