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    NEWS: Mark McArdle talks to the Sunday Business Post about Enterprise Mobility

    In this month’s Sunday Business Post’s ERP report, Mark McArdle, Sales Director of Intact Software, talks about the importance of enterprise mobility and the impact it can have on your business.

    Mark points out that the use of smart systems anywhere, anytime has moved to the forefront of most enterprises agendas. “In ERP, and in fact all business systems today, it’s ‘mobile first’ and for a growing proportion it’s becoming mobile only,”

    We all know how important it is to have essential information in real time. That is why our Intact iQ Mobile uses the power of mobile to provide customer facing & senior management teams with access to the key business information and controls they need 24/7.

    All sectors now value mobile working.  It’s all about getting alerts delivered to your mobile, having access to KPI dashboards and so on which can be tailored for each user to match role or rank. Whatever you need to do or know when you are away from base there is a system to deliver it.  The challenge is to choose the right ones for your business.

    In the process of choosing and developing mobile solutions the key question is what will or might help you deliver a better experience to your customers? Clearly that starts with essential information in real time. But it might even extend to information that you push out to customers. Fulfilling customer expectations is what everybody in business tries to do. Anticipating their requirements goes a step further.

    To read Mark’s full article in the Sunday Business Post, click here.

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