All decision makers in a company need a solution to give them up-to-date, relevant information to help them make data driven decisions.  iQ for Engineering gives users clarity and insight into projects ensuring they are on time, on budget and profitable.

Key Features

  • Real time view of project, job and stage profitability
  • Understand outstanding PO commitments
  • Track warranty and internal jobs
  • Track actual, charge out and marked up costings
  • Fixed price, time and material options
  • Bill of materials and assembly control

Key Features

  • Integrated general ledger
  • Live work in progress for labour and materials
  • Live and integrated stock valuation
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Flexible period comparative analysis
  • Cost centre, group and departmental analysis

Key Features

  • Time and expense recording per job
  • Sales rep catalogue on tablets
  • Third party mobile integration
  • Personalised smart phone apps
  • Record CRM activity on the road in real-time
  • Field service management

Key Features

  • Purchase service and non-stock items
  • Attach and commit POs to jobs
  • Track committed costs and real time projections
  • Subcontractor support
  • Group product and service demand into single purchase orders
  • Rate your suppliers

Key Features

  • Customisable job, project and works order sheets
  • Employee competency tracking
  • Operational status control
  • Due date and progress tracking
  • Milestone and budget control
  • Schedule staff and machines

Key Features

  • Have reports delivered to you automatically
  • Fully integrated business intelligence
  • Remove the noise by reporting by exception
  • Notifications to your phone
  • Easy to read and understand information
  • Top performing customers, products and reps

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Read how iQ Transformed Crowley Engineering

Key Facts

  • Ireland’s main supplier of storage silos & bins, second-hand mechanical equipment augers & bio energy equipment.
  • Production facility based in Cork
  • 80 staff.


  • Ability to run costing reports speedily and efficiently
  • Access to real-time information on-screen
  • Ability to export data to Excel with ease


  • iQ delivered on-screen access to real-time information for better decision-making
  • iQ provides much better control of margins and job-costing
  • iQ provides increased control of processes and the ability to adapt and change

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