Industry: Merchants

Frank Howard

Sector: Tool Store | Location: Essex, UK | Website:
Tool supplies on shelf in a shop, screws and other metal fixtures

Frank Howard started his own company in 1988 selling tools and fixings. Over the years the product range has expanded dramatically, and they now also supply building materials such as underground pipes, fascia’s and guttering, ironmongery, workwear including a wide range of footwear, woodworking tools, “Frank Howard” silicon’s and a range of all-weather decking. Their premise occupies some 5,000 sq. feet with a very busy trade counter at its centre.

Before using Intact

As the turnover increased the cracks in their 6 year old Unix based computer system started to become unmanageable. Stock management and sales functions were very limited as the old system provided little in the way of necessary information required to help these departments run effective operations. “We needed to be able to control system access levels and user traceability at the same time offer greater ease of use for all staff” – Frank Howard.

Pain Points
  • The system could not supply management with the sales and stock information they needed to operate effectively. They had no control over system access and the lack of traceability meant accountability was minimal.


“The benefits in some areas are dramatic. We can execute price changes in seconds now, when it used to take ages. Slow moving products information and minimum margin controls help us to run the company so much more efficiently”

Frank Howard, Managing Director

After using Intact

After much investigation, including a review of their current supplier’s latest system offering, Frank Howard ordered a 16 user licence for the Intact iQ ERP system. The reasons for picking Intact iQ were simple: It provided management with the option to restrict access to certain areas of the system based on role/function. The audit trails meant that there was full visibility of all transactions across the business helping drive a culture of accountability.

The system is Windows based making it very easy to use. It also provides users with the information they need very quickly and the CRM and SRM modules have helped further improve customer service levels and margin. It also boasted a much needed service module for repairs control.

Key Benefits
  • Full traceability and restricted user access
  • Ease of use for all users
  • Service Module for repairs control


Intact Software offered both the necessary ease of use for all users plus very swift and easy access to information -especially at point of sale – to help improve customer service, margins and stock management.

The Intact Difference

Post implementation, customers* record an average saving of 5.6 days per month

Our customers are our greatest advocates with approx. 70% of our business coming from referrals

97% of customers agree Intact iQ is supporting their original ambition to have a robust platform for growth

Case Studies

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This essential step-by-step guide will help you make your software implementation journey as seamless and effective as possible.

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