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AVS Fencing

Sector: Fencing, landscaping and decking materials distributor | Location: Standon, Hertfordshire, UK | Website:

AVS Fencing Supplies is the leading supplier of fencing, landscaping and decking materials in the South East of England. With a network of 9 branches located in the South East AVS Fencing service a wide range of corporate, trade and retail customers with an extensive product range, including timber and security fencing.

Before using Intact

The previous system had been in place within AVS for 13 years and lacked the flexibility that a growing company like AVS required. It simply couldn’t keep up with the pace of growth that AVS was driving. As it was a legacy based system it was also becoming extremely slow and couldn’t facilitate simple things like enabling multiple users to access files.

AVS looked at a range of potential ERP vendors and despite not being immediately aware of Intact Software, Mark Tyson, IT Manager, liked the functionality of Intact iQ and felt that Intact Software was the type of company AVS could work with. They visited key Intact reference sites and the positive feedback provided AVS with the reassurance they required. Other software vendor site visits left us very wary of the quality of the post implementation support and with some mentioning that it could take up to a year to get things changed we knew the agile framework that Intact Software utilise could match the pace of change we required.

Pain Points
  • The previous system could no longer support the addition of new branches and was becoming slow and laborious to use.
  • It was holding the business back and preventing them from moving forward with their expansion plans.


‘Even now one year in we know there are more time and money saving opportunities of Intact iQ that we can further exploit. We feel we can develop our business and Intact iQ will support this.’

Mark Tyson, IT Manager

After using Intact

Intact iQ is creating greater efficiencies, frees up time and gives us more opportunities to do more with the business. We have full real time visibility of our business data and KPIs; accessible from one screen. What’s more, there is a lot more Intact iQ can do for us in the future.

One of the modules we’ve added to our system was the Intact NeXus feature; this really helps us lower the total cost of ownership of the system as we can create custom rules aligned to our business processes. This is just another example of how we can tailor the software to make it work for us.

Key Benefits
  • Fully Integrated System – One version of the truth
  • Facilitates additional scale in terms of branches or sales
  • Real time workflows – Information comes to find you


‘Intact iQ from my past experience is massively adaptable and changeable. The ability to change the screen, add things to the screen, change name of fields and they change throughout. These were the really powerful things that sold the system to me. ‘ – Mark Tyson, IT Manager

Mark Tyson, IT Manager


Intact iQ provided AVS Fencing with a software solution that can support infinite additional growth in terms of branches, users or volume with ease. The Intact iQ solution is built using a modern .NET technology framework to further futureproof AVS’ investment.

The Intact Difference

Post implementation, customers* record an average saving of 5.6 days per month

Our customers are our greatest advocates with approx. 70% of our business coming from referrals

97% of customers agree Intact iQ is supporting their original ambition to have a robust platform for growth

Case Studies

Thinking of upgrading your business management software?

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This essential step-by-step guide will help you make your software implementation journey as seamless and effective as possible.

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