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    Finesse Medical Ltd

    Established in 2006, Finesse Medical specialise in the development, manufacture and marketing of a range of products used for the management of wound and skin conditions. Their growing team of 42 employees help run their 10,000 square foot factory.
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    Key Points

    Finesse Medical had outgrown their basic accountancy software programme.  They have multiple customer bases, multiple product ranges and multiple lines of raw materials which their old system was struggling to cope with.  It also didn’t afford them the appropriate start-to-finish order processing facilities or stock control.

    Now that they are using Intact iQ, Finesse have streamlined their business processes, established good stock control and have the right order processing capabilities.  In addition, they have plenty of flexibility built into the system that will be able to handle their continued growth.


    The company had been experiencing significant growth and needed a new system that would be able to handle their multiple customer bases and extensive product lines.  Finesse Medical have a busy and proactive R&D team who are constantly creating new products meaning their portfolio is ever expanding and any new software programme required the facility to easily and quickly add these in.  Finesse also needed better stock control and proper start-to-finish order processing facilities.

    The Solution

    Finesse Medical have been able to dramatically streamline their processes and have a flexible, customisable software solution tailored to their business.  They have significant growth predicted for the future which will include a doubling in their production facilities and are confident that Intact iQ will facilitate and handle this growth seamlessly.

    “Intact iQ has dramatically streamlined our processes whereby new orders are now processed and dealt with in seconds and followed right through to shipping and payment’

    Kevin Creighton, Director, Finesse Medical